All Stars Jam Band

Contemporary double bass music meets India

A fascinating formation has been formed thanks to a Carte blanche in a famous club: the group Mich Gerber All Star Jam Band. Four well-known musicians explore together undiscovered territories of expression.

Mich Gerber is in uncharted waters with Al Comet (The Young Gods) on sitar, Wolfgang Zwiauer on mandocello /bass, and Andi Pupato on percussion. They create the groovy sound, a revival of the jam band tradition, but at the same time is acutally a raga of 80 minutes. It's a large musical arc streching over one single root note. The connection between them is the interest on the technique as well as intonation of the music of the world and its spirituality. The result is a wonderful fresh, surprising versatile music full of soul.

Mich Gerber - double bass 
Al Comet - sitar
Wolfgang Zwiauer - mandocello, bass 
Andi Pupato – percussion

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